YOURQ is OGGM‘s touring live show, complete with live show audience, panellists and performers!

#YourQ aims to create an environment where young adults can gather and engage in discussion all around the deep, controversial and pertinent questions regarding faith life and health. We directly challenge conventional wisdom and make sure no stone is unturned! The show is for young adults, delivered by young adults and frequently features audiences of 100+ across several Univeristies all over the UK including the Univeristy of Warwick,The University of Exeter, The univeristy and Manchester and much more! YourQ was a project which was launched three years ago at the Univeirsity of Manchester after some of our Trustees discovered that there were numerous amounts of young Christians who had a series of pertient questions regarding the christian faith but had no outlet or the right support system behind them to ask these questions and receive biblical truth. Since then, OGGM have produced 15+ more shows in a variety of univeristies as this was a problem not only in mancheter but was an issue which is global. With the help of a diverse, lively and energetic live audience, the crowd have the opportunity to ask questions and engage in a lively debate. In previous instalments, we have discussed questions such as:

Can you lose your salvation?

Is there a such thing as ‘The One’?

Is there a problem with the prosperity gospel?

How does one discover his/her purpose?

Can women preach and teach?

Our aim is to provide a transparent and comfortable environment for questions which we, as young adults, struggle with.

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#YourQWarwick was a roaring success!! Over 80 students turned up to discuss issues issues of faith. Thought provoking, challenging and interesting were some words students used to describe the event. It was a treat to work with the panelists @ifyalexis @telbanks @mikeomoniyics and also to have the support of @warwick_acs @warwickcu. We cannot wait to come back‼️ • • Want #YourQ to visit your university? Send us a message, or go on our website and fill out the application form and we will be in contact! • • #YourQWarwick #OGGM #love #redeemed #saved #christianity #pray #chosen #jesus #lord #truth #praying #christ #jesuschrist #word #godly #angels #cross #faith #inspiration #jesussaves #worship #yahweh #holyspirit #praise #church #gospel #charity

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How can YourQ come to my University?

Its quite simple! all you need to do is to read through the ‘YourQ Booklet’ below and send the completed form to After we recieve the form, we will soon be in touch! if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to e-mail us and we will have an answer sent back to you shortly.

We look forward to hearing from you!

YourQ Booklet




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