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Serve & Service – Are you willing?

“Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might, for in the realm of the dead, where you are going, there is neither working nor planning nor knowledge nor wisdom”. – Ecclesiastes 9:10

We have a duty of service, to serve and be served; the work has been bequeathed in our hands is a gift from God which should be done whole-heartedly as stated.The service we render is to be a blessing unto others with the giftings, talents and natural passions birthed within us.

To serve others is one of the major traits which we see in our Lord Jesus Christ; our ultimate example. He came to die for us ultimately but along the way it was evident he served in the space and environment he was in.As disciples of Christ, we should emulate this characteristic as seen in Philippians 2:5-8 shows us what he did for humankind. In your relationships with one another, we should strive to have the same mindset as Christ Jesus.

Our service in whatever capacity (time, effort, money etc) is required of us ‘NOW’ at this present time as once we depart there is no work to be utilised, no planning to be done or any knowledge to be gained. There should be genuine service in all we do and in all we endeavour to do for us as well as for others around us.There is so much which can be achieved through serving and rendering a service. It builds character and resilience – characteristics of a great leader but it glorifies the Father in Heaven as all men would see your good works – Matthew 5:15-16.

Serving others and being a place of service also teaches humility. Humility is a characteristic of a dove – synonymous with the Holy Spirit which lives within us; let us adopt this character and let it dwell within us. God favours the humble coupled with our service – this can only make our Maker smile down upon us! Proverbs 27:2 encourages us that others should praise us not we ourselves for pride can beset us.

To be a great leader, you must be willing to serve. Jesus obeyed the Father even until death in Philippians 2:8; he even expressed how he wishes the cup would pass from him – Matthew 26:39.
Many times, we want to serve when it is convenient for us or when it is comfortable but we should overlook all circumstances and render our service or sere when required. Here our ultimate example expressed his desire for the difficulty he was passing through to pass over him; not all situations are going to favour us.

Often in recent times, especially in today’s society with many platforms vying for our attention, we strive to be seen or even receive accolades for our services. This is not wrong but let intentions and actual actions of service be pure. However, to be truly great, you must serve.

To serve is not be lowly or inferior but it is to be of service and help to others around you. This may be in society, community, office or whatever environment you find yourself working in. Go on and serve – following the blueprint before us – Jesus Christ.

Rebekah Adebanjo
Rebekah is a jovial and bubbly Pharmaceutical professional who loves to plan and organize whilst caring and helping others develop their potential. She loves grammar, writing and words – verbal, written & more. She loves when the Bible becomes relatable and practical as young Millennials figuring out life with the help of God. She writes with real-life experiences backed by the Word of God to uplift and encourage others along their journey with God.

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