Running Home

The Task

The Task is simple but the mission is challenging. on the 13th of June, a group of 30 people will be partaking in a sponsored 15 Mile run to raise money for the charity Our God Given Mission.

Where will the money go?

The money would go towards enabling the Charity to carry it’s duties such as the facilitation of online training resources for prospective missionaries to use ahead of mission trips and also the facilitation of gospel-centered events such as our annual retreats, university Q&A tours, and much more.

We are also going to be partnering with Homeless Charities in manchester to tackle the crippling issue of homelessness in Manchester

Over the last few years, you have probably seen more people living on the streets. This is because homelessness in the UK has increased in your area, in your cities, outside your pubs. More people are increasingly having to rely on food banks and levels of poverty!

There is no single reason why someone ends up being homeless, there are several factors at play, such as personal circumstances stemming from mental health, physical health issues, to issues that differentiate between men, women and the youth population. When you think of a homeless person the typical stereotype that comes to mind is of drugs and alcohol-related addictions, contrary to widely common belief only 27% have or are recovering from an alcohol problem.

Some of these factors especially come down to ‘structural’ systems that are out of their direct control. It can be build up over years and years until the final moment puts them out on the streets.

Most desire a job, to get back into a daily routine, but to do so, a home is required, the lack of affordable homes is another issue to be tackled.

It is not all doom and gloom! Some amazing charities are doing amazing work to remedy this situation. Calling on the government to change laws that disadvantage people that become homeless. Moreover, providing hostels that can help people find long term accommodation, allowing them to get an education or get a job, manage debts, address drug and alcohol problems

We want to support their work by raising awareness, motivate and mobilise young people to go out of their way to tackle this issue.


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