What is the Gospel? – An introduction to the doctrine of salvation

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About Course

Whether you have been in the faith for 20+ years, a new believer, or simply a curious atheist, we all need the Gospel. The Gospel is not only of immense importance for the unbeliever but it is also vital for the professing Christian. We never graduate from our need to hear, understand and preach the Gospel message. Hence why we have curated a 3 part course helping know and preach the Gospel.


This course is set to introduce you to the key principles to help you not only know the Gospel but to also share the Gospel message. Throughout this course, you will be introduced to key lessons all aimed at helping you to understand the doctrine of salvation, introducing you to three key principles, Justification, Sanctification and Glorification.

Contents and Overview

The first lesson will introduce you to the key principles underpinning the doctrine of Justification. This lesson defines it in simple terms, takes a historic look at its origins as well as how it happens. The lesson then ends with a quiz in which you would be tested on the material covered throughout the lesson.

The second lesson is aimed at exploring the progressive work of the Holy Spirit within us which is called ‘Sanctification’. This lesson takes a look at the biblical definition of sanctification as well as detailing how it works in the life of the believer. This lesson will also end with a quiz in which you would be tested on the material covered throughout the lesson.

The third and final lesson details the doctrine of Glorification. This lesson provides an introductory glance and the final stage of salvation when we enter heaven and given new glorified bodies. This lesson will also end with a quiz in which you would be tested on the material covered throughout the lesson.

There are two different options for the course.

1.Take the course independently 

This option allows you to complete the course at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Each lesson consists of core readings and videos which you can go through independently. At the end of each lesson, you will be guided to a quiz in which you are tested on the content covered throughout the lesson, allowing you to track your own progress and test your knowledge. There are three lessons in total which we estimate each lesson will take around three hours to complete.

If you are taking this option, feel free to enrol onto the course and begin your learning immediately!

2. Take the course with a group

A second option is available which allows you to go through the course on a weekly basis with a group of people online with an instructor from OGGM. On a weekly basis, students are expected to go through the content of the lessons, reading the content, watching the videos and answering the questions. Each lesson would then end with a weekly interactive webinar on zoom in which as a group, students can dive deeper into the lessons with a forum in which they can ask questions and discuss the topic.

For this option, students will have from the 27th of January until the 12th of February to join the cohort. The weekly sessions would begin on the 17th of February and would run for three consecutive Wednesdays 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm. 

This option is currently closed.


What Will I Learn?

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the doctrines of Justification, Sanctification and Glorification.
  • Helps the student understand the truth of the Gospel message
  • Teaches the students of the systematically explain and articulate the Gospel message

Topics for this course

3 Lessons9h

Exploring Justification?

The doctrine of justification by faith alone is the center of Reformation theology. It remains crucial for all believers today. This doctrine provides the answer to the question, “What must I do to be saved?” Without it, there is no gospel
What Is justification?
Questions on Justification

Exploring Sanctification?

Sanctification is one of those religious sounding words that people in the church use, but may not understand what it means.

Exploring Glorification?

Big tings my guy

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