Evangelism 101 – An introduction to sharing the Gospel

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About Course

This course is set to introduce you to the key principles to help you not only know the Gospel but to also share the Gospel message. Throughout this course, you will be introduced to key lessons all aimed at equipping you to evangelise to close friends, colleagues at work, strangers on the street, or even overseas on missions.

Contents and Overview

The first lesson will introduce you to what ‘Missions’ are as well as the Gospel message. This lesson help bolster our understanding of missions as well as why they are needed. This lesson will also help you in a world where there are so many different ‘gospels’, to be clear on the one true Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The second lesson is aimed at exploring the integral role of the Holy Spirit in evangelism. This lesson details the active work of the Holy Spirit not only in those sharing the gospel but also those receiving the good news.

The third lesson teaches the call of missions. This lesson aims to shed some light on the importance of both domestic evangelism and also evangelism overseas. The lesson helps the reader to pick up the mantle of missions and to see the call, motivation and necessity of missionary work.

There will be 10 lessons in total, the rest of which will be released every Monday.

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What Will You Learn?

  • Helps the student gain a clear understanding of the Gospel message.
  • Equips the student to know and preach the Gospel
  • Helps to gain a deeper understanding in the importance of missionary work

Course Content

What Is The Gospel?

  • What Is The Gospel?

What Is Evangelism?

The role of the Holy Spirit in Mission

The Christian calling for evangelism

How To Start A Conversation About Faith