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Are you Qualified?

2 Peter : 3 : 9 – The Lord is not slack (slow) in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.

Sometimes it’s not about what we ask for but how we ask. 

If you’ve tirelessly been praying: God give me a job, God give me a spouse, God give me children and it doesn’t seem to work out, maybe it’s time you switched to; God make me more qualified, make me the kind of man/woman who my partner prays for, prepare me for the glorious destiny you have prepared for me, make me the kind of person you can entrust your covenant wealth to.

Afterwards, patiently let him take you through the preparation process ( which wouldn’t be easy because you’re going to be stepping out of your comfort zone) but it’ll be worth it because truth is; God gives good gifts to his children (Matthew 7:11)

He made a covenant with Abraham which transcends to us and he’s simply unable to lie. These things are already lying in wait but does he see you as the kind of person who can handle these blessings without letting it destroy you?

God isn’t wasteful with his people and resources and as such, he won’t entrust into you what you’re not qualified for because you’ll simply ruin it and ruin yourself in the process. As the redeemed of the Lord, we do not have to sit around about wondering why we’re not blessed and or if God doesn’t love us. Blaspheming wouldn’t make him a bit less of who he is either. 

All we’ve got to do to take hold of our Abrahamic, all round blessings is to seek his kingdom and it’s entirety (Matthew 6:33)

This entails showing love especially to the lost souls and bringing them to God’s kingdom, praying for lost souls as often as possible, sharing our testimonies to encourage others and rendering an acceptable service to God (yes! Some of our religious services are unacceptable to God…We’d talk about that in subsequent posts).

Stay committed to filling your cloud for when your cloud is full, your rain of blessings will definitely fall.

Ekomobong Okopido
Ekomobong’s basically a lady chasing after God’s heart in the 21st Century. An entrepreneur/Civil servant saved by his grace. She believes being a Saved Christian is the best thing that could happen to humanity and really does hope the articles you read on here brings you comfort, peace and draws you a lot closer to God.

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