Our Founder

Our God Given Mission began inauspiciously in 2014 when our Founder Mike Omoniyi felt a Godly impression to go on missions to Tenerife. He rallied together 9 friends and partners who made the trip and came back 7 days after with their lives changes forever.
The trip revealed just how desperately people needed the Gospel. Many on the trip has since dedicated their lives to ministry and helping people understand the Gospel.
Since the trip, Our God Given Mission has been constituted as a charity and has been helping thousands across the world know and preach the Gospel.

Our Mission

The world is dark. Despair. Confusion. Corruption. Abuse. Depression. Despondence. Meaninglessness. If not just words that litter our headlines, they are sentiments that trickle across our lives. The need for light has never been more urgent and a generation that is becoming increasingly concerned about this is millennials. In the past perhaps the Church would have been their choice place to begin looking for answers. Today, for many millennials, the church is dead.

The numbers speak for themselves with church attendance figures at an all-time low, and young adults, in particular, leaving the church in droves. For others, God is dead too. Secularism, a view that God does not exist, is the train that is not stopping. Never have there been more options for exploring what it means to be spiritual or live a life of meaning. Like peas or garden salad, God is commonly presented as an optional side dish on a menu of fresher alternatives. If not a side dish, He is a knife and fork – simply an instrument to enjoy the main course rather than a personality to be known and delighted in.

The person of Jesus Christ, His death and resurrection offers a weighty response to a broken world. Amidst all the consumption of new ideas is there space for Him at the table?

Our God Given Mission is to help millennials know the Gospel and preach the Gospel.

Our Work

We do our work through a variety of channels. First is through Missions, the first one dating back to 2014. Through our Missions department, we make it possible for young people to be trained and to spend time abroad on Missions trips, spreading the gospel abroad and providing aid to organisations. Through our editorial, right here on this site, you are able to read articles, watch videos, listen to podcasts and take courses all geared at helping you know the Gospel and preach the gospel. “On the Ground” refers to our offline events like annual 200+ person retreats, our touring live show, homeless outreaches and more. You can take a look at our annual social impact report to see the full documentation of our work for the year.

Our Funding

Thus far, we have been sustained by the prayers and the generosity of believes and supporters of our work. 100% of our funding is from donations. God’s pattern is not only to raise up people with a message and a vision, but also partners in prayer and finance. When you give, you can have the confidence of knowing that lives are being impacted for eternity 24/7 through our work here at Our God Given Mission. We invite you to join us in this work by becoming a ministry partner and making a donation.


If you have a question about our ministry, or need guidance with regards to our resources, we’d love to assist you. But unfortunately, we can’t answer all incoming emails and are unable to give personal counselling advice. You can email us as hello@ourgodgivenmission.com


  • Micheal Timilehin Omoniyi is an innovative, bold, dedicated leader and thinker. He is a serial entrepreneur and builder. In 2018, he was recognised by the Financial Times as one of the 100 most influential leaders in Tech in the UK as the Founder and CEO of The Common Sense Network, a UK Based News Network for and by millennials. He is the Founder and Director of Our God Given Mission, a missions based charity. He is also the founder of The Apex Group, a closed group for CEO’s and Founders where they share best practice. As well as founding several initiatives and organisations, Micheal consults for various charities and organisations.