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OGGM blew the roof of Manchester with its Gospel showcase #MCOG (My Celebration of Gospel) in April! #MCOG A night of music, spoken work and dance. This second Instalment was an amazing night to remember! Watch the highlight here

OGGM is an abbreviation for Our God Given Mission.  Our God Given Mission (OGGM), is a Christian Charity built on the biblical instruction of going out into all the world and preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ to anyone that will listen.

Gospel simply means good news. The good news of Jesus’ coming to the earth to rekindle our relationship with GOD! The gospel is the greatest news anyone will ever hear, so at OGGM we are dedicated to spreading this news! We are also dedicated to mobilising others to do the same.

We achieve our goal through THREE main channels.

Religious Devotional Acts (Articles, Videos, Podcasts, Online Materials)

Missionary (Trip Overseas, Missions Training, Retreats, Evangelism)

Outreach work (Events, Homeless runs, Partnerships with other Charities)

Yes! We cannot carry out the mission without you! We are called OUR God given Mission because the mission is too great for us to do alone! Keep up to date with article, videos, podcasts and other online content that is sure to keep you on your toes. Here is how you can JOIN THE MISSION 

Mission Sharer – Share our articles and videos online (on all social media platforms) so that more and more people can be edified!

Donate – We are a non-profit Organisation and without donations like yours, we cannot do what we do

Contributor – If you are feeling inspired, why not become a contributor! You can write articles, blog posts, sing songs, make videos! Whatever you are feeling inspired to do, you can do it here! Just email contact@ourgodgivenmission.com

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